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Cost and Value for Money in Gaming

Gaming is an activity that can satisfy everyone’s entertainment needs, regardless of their age, background or their technical skills. Computers, mobiles and consoles can act as gateways to mystical worlds, as a tool that can help stimulate the brain and as a medium that can help people interact with others from all over the world. Playing games can sometimes be free, but it can also imply a cost for the purchase of the product or for the subscription that allows a person to play. Before spending money for a game, it is worth understanding how much the player will get in return. If the value for money is high, then the game will be worth your money, but if the value for money is low, then you should probably consider spending your money on something else or waiting until the price of the products drops a little bit.

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Pay Once, Pay as You Play or Play for Free

Every gaming provider follows a different strategy when it comes to offering a product, regardless if we are talking about a console game studio or about an online casino offering games such as quantum roulette. Some release a product that requires a one-time fee for all its contents, some go with free to try approaches which can lead to in-game purchases, and some have monthly or annual fees. The important thing for the players is to understand how much the gameplay experience will cost every time.

Award Winning Freebies

There are many award-winning games one can buy, but there are not many that one can play for free. Destiny 2 is a great game that allows players to play a big part of the game for free. There are in-game purchases, of course, but one can get a lot of gaming value at zero cost. The same applies to Final Fantasy 14 but not to the same extent. Square Enix gives players the ability to try the game for free for as long as they want, without having to pay for a subscription, but this comes with a lot of limitations. If players enjoy the game and they want to expand it, then they can pay for all the extra content.

New Value for Money Games Every Year

Gaming studios try to release a new title every year. Some of these games crash and burn while others earn awards and earn “game of the year” statuses. With every technological advancement in gaming, games become a lot more refined, a lot more modern and a lot more user friendly. At the same time, players are starting to have higher expectations. Those that have played and enjoyed the user experience of Nioh 2 will probably not like the controls of Nioh 1, even though the first game has a better story. Those that have enjoyed the battle system of Final Fantasy 15 will probably get annoyed by the interrupting battle system of Final Fantasy 10. Games such as the ones above are great examples of value for money titles, as they offer dozens of hours of gameplay and a lot of post-game value.  

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100+ Hour Masterpieces

Just like every other business, studios want players to keep buying their products, and in order to do that, they try to set limits to the duration of the gameplay. However, there are certain games that can be played over and over again or games that keep players coming back for more even after the end of the main story. A very good example of a game that offers multiple hours of gameplay is Elden Ring. FromSoftware’s latest masterpiece will take a long time to beat, not only because of its difficulty level but also because of all the NG+ levels players can try.

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