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High Hopes for Yet another Successful Year for 2K Games

2K is one of the most successful gaming studios of the 21st century and probably the most successful “young” studio in the world. Ever since 2005, the Californian studio has managed to establish itself as the most commercial sports gaming studio. This has not been easy, as 2K had to compete with gaming giants such as EA Sports and Konami. Titles like the NBA 2K and WWE 2K sell countless copies every single year, as players keep coming back for more after every new annual instalment. However, 2K Games does not only produce sports games. The studio generates millions from titles such as Borderlands, BioShock, Civilisation and Mafia.

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2K is not just another video game studio. Just like its parent company Take-Two Interactive and just like a limited number of gaming studios focusing on innovation, such as Red Tiger Gaming, 2K does exactly what every modern Tech company should be doing. David Ismailer and Phil Dixon have taken numerous risks in order for 2K to offer modern interactive games to its customers and gamers seem to be responding positively to every change that comes after every release.

NBA 2K – The Commercial Powerhouse of 2K Games

The NBA 2K series is one of the most successful video game series, not only within the e-sports genre, but also across the board. Every year, NBA 2K comes back more enriched and more user friendly and this makes players willing to pay the relatively high premium for the purchase of the game. The 2023 instalment revolves around the greatest basketball player of all time; Michael Jordan. There will be a lot more improvements of course, especially as the game gets enriched post-release, but being able to experience Air Jordan’s basketball journey is a dream come true not only for e-sports fans but also for basketball fans from all over the world. The board of 2K games is aware of the impact MJ is going to have and this is why they are investing a lot of money on the promotion of NBA 2K23.

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Borderlands – Get Ready for Action

2K Games and all its subsidiaries are doing everything they can in order to make Borderland fans crazy. The latest instalment to the Borderland series is coming in October and many fans are already setting some money aside in order to purchase a copy of the game. New Tales from the Borderlands will be available on multiple 8th and 9th-generation gaming environments. This means that everybody will be able to play the game, regardless if they are using a console, Steam or Epic Game Store for their video gaming activities.

As for Borderlands fans that cannot wait until the end of October, there is always the alternative of purchasing a copy of Borderlands 3, which costs a lot less than what one would expect. Borderlands 3, will keep players busy for about one hundred hours and this will make waiting for New Tales from the Borderlands a little bit easier. It is also worth mentioning that many 2K Games titles can be played for free, if the player has a subscription to a service such as PS Plus.